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This is the current game my team and I have been working on! It is a Dark Souls like game made in Unity 2019.4. We had 6 programmers, 4 designers, 12 artists, and 2 producers join us throughout 1 year of development. I primarily did all the camera and character programming as well as major systems like targeting and AI abilities and mechanics. This was the first time I also used Unity, so this was definitely an ambitious project by the whole team!

C++ ECS Deferred Graphics Custom Engine

If you want a more technical in-depth feature list of the engine implemented go here!

This is a solo project about how I implemented an ECS Engine with deferred rendering. The few things that inspired and motivated me to embark upon this journey was the fact that my tech director used an ECS engine architecture to create Project: Gemini and I recall how amazing it was to work in that project as a programmer. I also took inspiration from how Unity creates components and how easy it is for any entity to have any specific functionality.

Project: Gemini

Project: Gemini Trailer

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Project: Gemini is a Co-op game that sees Guttierez (Gutz) and Cricket work closely together to escape the city. Gutz acts as the foundation of the duo, providing stability and safety. Cricket is the tactical operative, supplying versatility and opportunity. They can only survive by working in tandem and combining their unique set of skills.

Navigate your way through the futuristic city and destroy any evil drones that stand in your path. They’ve set up auto turrets, barbed wire and even road blocks at certain checkpoints in an attempt to prevent your escape from their tyrannical rule. Find and hit levers to open doors, then fight your way out of an arena of drones sent to capture you.

If you want to know more about Project: Gemini’s work from what my tasks were, please click on .

Zombie Boy

Zombie Boy Trailer

Zombie Boy is about a little zombie running through a large map and overcoming the impending obstacles that come in your way with fun little tools at your disposal. Drag and drop objects to traverse the level and run away from the boss!

Dolphin Dive

Dolphin Dive is fun little game made in Unreal Engine 4 where you use echo-location to find your way through a vast open ocean world and save your dolphin girlfriend from the evil scuba divers.

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